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About US

A Bangladesh China Join Venture Nationwide ISP

About US

BlueNet Communication JV Ltd is Bangladesh China Joint Venture Nationwide ISP. BlueNet is the leading Internet Service Provider in Bangladesh. We provide high-bandwidth solutions through FTTH network for your corporate business and home internet. The initial goal is to improve the experience of the home & business users through the Internet. With the dedication, service and its remarkable team effort we believe BlueNet will deliver the best in the country. Our Mission is to ensure & provide a high level of quality service to the Customers. We don't believe in grabbing lots of customers rather we would like to make long time bondage with our existing customers with a high level of satisfaction to provide uninterrupted services. We can assure our customers that no one (ISP) can match our level of service & care to our valued Customers. It is a Family with all the Customers & dedicated Personnel of BlueNet. We would like to make stronger the bondage with our customers day by day.


  • Corporate Internet & Data Connectivity
  • Safe & Smarter Home Internet
  • High Quality & Reliable IPTSP Service
  • Fiber Optical Connection


By Constantly Searching For Technological Innovations That Will Provide Performance- Enhancing Solutions for Our Customers and Striving for The Highest Standards of Service. We Will Continue to Champion the Advancement of Internet and Business Solutions Service Provider in Bangladesh.

Our Mission

BlueNEt works to make Quality Internet and Solutions affordable for all user ranges. 

Our Vision 

Be the Top Internet and solutions provider of Bangladesh with QOS.



Branch Offices


Rupayan Shelford, 17th floor, 23/6 Mirpur Road, Shyamoli, Dhaka-1207

Phone: 01973-019550, 01313019550
Email: support@bluenetbd.com


Navana Tower 5th Floor, 45 Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka-1212

Phone: 01313-019560, 01324-249403
Email: support@bluenetbd.com


Level-2,Plot-14,Road-02,Sector-06 Uttara,Dhaka-1230

Phone: 01324-249448, 01324-249449.
Email: support@bluenetbd.com


House No 18 Shehora Dhopakhola Mymensingh-2200

Phone: 01324249465, 01324249433
Email: support@bluenetbd.com


House-1174, Javed Villa (3rd Floor) Lily Mor, Dinajpur-5200

Phone: 01313-019563, 01313-019565, 01313-019566, 01313019562
Email: support@bluenetbd.com


House-06, Road-01, New Shenpara Rangpur-5400

Phone: 01324249465, 01313019593, 01313019599
Email: support@bluenetbd.com


V-Aid Road, Gaibandha-5700

Phone: 01973-019550 01313-019550, 01324249433,
Email: support@bluenetbd.com


House-0958, shahid zia college road, Dhanmondi, Joypurhat-5900

Phone: 01313-019581, 01313-019583, 01313-019583
Email: support@bluenetbd.com


Shahid Titumir Sorok, Boro Math, Kalibari, Thakurgaon Sadar

Phone: 01324-249480, 01324-249481, 01324-249482
Email: support@bluenetbd.com


House-521, Road-Kadirganj DoriKhorbona, Cantonment-6202, Boalia, Rajshahi City Corporation, Rajshahi

Phone: 01324-249460, 01324-249461, 01324-249462, 01324-249463
Email: support@bluenetbd.com

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